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Cancer quivered among the race of human species, can be categorized as one of the most deadly diseases ever to thwart any race. The world’s attempts to study the disease, understand it and eventually cure it has borne some fruit. The human race has come close in their fight against Cancer which can be termed as the next best thing to a cure.

Most common cancer in India

One in five men and one in six Common Cancers in Indian Women develop during their lifetime. Breast Cancer is the leading cause of death among women, followed by Lung Cancer being the leading cause of death among men and the global Cancer burden has risen to 18.1 million cases worldwide with 9.6 million deaths, in 2018. A slurry of facts that only proves the disease growing its roots as the years pass by but there are stats which also prove how far the world has come along to stand ground and fight the disease. There is hope when we come across stats like 40% of all cancers can be prevented by improving lifestyle choices or the high chances of survival – at  88% survival rate if detected early. Cancer, if caught early, can be successfully treated, such is the prowess of advancement in medical technology. Early screenings came as a boon to give people hope that this disease can be defeated.

The dawn of the 21st century saw a flourish in technology to detect cancer at an early stage with a promise to provide the right treatment and eventually curb it to the ground. Yet, there are indications that the Indian society behaves in a hushed manner tabooing the disease. People are aware but they do not take the steps to of going for regular screening. In turn, these neglected steps do give birth to stats like 60% of all breast cancer in women are detected at a later stage in India. Early screening provides a basic groundwork and direction for Cancer treatments where the patient and the doctor are confident enough to choose one road for the treatment and receive success in it.

HMZ’s attempt to introduce PanTum Detect in India can truly help lighten the nation’s cancer burden. The test is a simple blood test, harmless unlike many other cancer detection tests which use radiation, is fast and convenient, affordable and can detect more than 50 types of solid tumours. Invented by the Germans, it’s a revolutionary blood test introduced & brought to India by HMZ Laboratories – a unique alliance with HERO CYCLES as investment partners, MILLENIUM CANCER CENTER as research & treatment partners and ZYAGNUM AG, Germany, as technology development partners. Dr. Gurdeep Sethi, a renowned oncologist with over 30 years of experience in the field and one of the founders of HMZ has the vision to minimize late-stage cancer detection, and give the nation a fighting chance to beat cancer. The willingness to research, innovate and find breakthroughs in early cancer detection can only be matched by the generosity to make this revolutionary blood test available to all the sections of the society at large. The need of the hour is to first understand the importance of annual screenings for early detection, adopt health screenings as a part of our lifestyle, to talk and spread cancer awareness and to stop treating it as a taboo.