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In India, cancer cases are increasing at an alarming rate every year. Cases of common cancers such as lung, oral, cervical, Colon Cancer and breast cancer have increased immensely in recent years. Medical experts state various reasons for this spurt in cancer cases. These include inactive lifestyles, stress, unhealthy eating habits and increased consumption of tobacco and alcohol. The state-wise cancer statistics in India, also do not present a very good picture. The increasing inclination towards alcohol & tobacco consumption is a major risk factor behind the significant rise in oral & lung cancers. Tobacco coupled with alcohol increases the risk much higher.

The urban lifestyle has also contributed to the increased physical, emotional, and financial strain on people which in turn has led to the growing cancer burden globally. The situation is even more alarming in the low-and middle-income countries which do not have the required infrastructure to overcome these issues. In such countries, a large number of cancer patients do not have access to quality diagnosis & treatment for cancer. However, India as a country is still in a better position in terms of healthcare and we do have available medical resources to fight cancer. But what limits us, are the social taboos & stigma attached to cancer.

For example, breast cancer, one of the most common cancers in Indian Women. The statistics for this type of cancer are also alarming and one of the main reasons behind this is the lack of awareness among the people of society. The taboo associated with the disease is so widespread that women themselves choose to keep quiet or find it inappropriate to talk and discuss the disease with people. This, in turn, leads to delayed diagnosis & lower chances of survival during advanced stages of the disease.

Cancer is a condition where normal cells transform into tumour cells through a multistage process. The condition takes years to reach its advanced stage. Regular cancer screenings test help to find such tumour cells in the initial days itself which makes it easier to eliminate the chances of cancer development. Hence, for this very reason, adopting cancer screening as a part of our lifestyle becomes all the more important for us.

The educated middle class can play a significant role in this. With their knowledge & awareness about the disease, they can help motivate other people to go for regular health screenings. Besides screenings and regular check-ups, lifestyle changes like quitting tobacco/alcohol can also play a significant role in reducing the number of cancer cases.

HMZ Laboratories, being a unique alliance between Hero Cycles, Millennium cancer centre & Zyagnum AG is highly committed to the cause of cancer elimination through early detection & screenings. They are the most enthusiastic & curious team who are not leaving any stones unturned in making new developments and discoveries in cancer research. One such recent advancement made by them is an innovative cancer diagnosis method which detects solid tumours using a ‘simple blood test’. The test makes use of a unique EDIM technology for accurate detection or diagnosis. The technology examines the macrophages (produced by immune cells in response to an infection) to detect antigens.

The EDIM technology is regarded as a ‘Biological Biopsy’ as it helps to examine the macrophages in the bloodstream itself. What makes the technique revolutionary is the quick & effective detection of solid tumours, even at stage 0. Connect with us to know more about this new cancer screening method that may help us to see the disease in a different light!