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Pantum Detect – The Revolutionary Cancer Detection Test

Early detection & diagnosis can help beat cancer as the right treatment at right time is key. Cancer screening tests are important as they provide the opportunity to detect a growing tumor or an anomaly before cancer grows into an advanced stage and it’s too late. In the case of local tumors, they can be easily removed surgically or treated if detected at an early stage.

HMZ Laboratories’ latest offering; PanTum Detect, is a revolutionary cancer screening method which offers yearly screening to detect cancer growth at an early stage. A small tumor takes a while to grow into an aggressive and proliferating cancer. A small tumor may take up to 10 years to show signs or for you to notice it physically and by then cancer may have moved to an advanced stage. Thus, regular cancer screening enables the option to detect cancer within first year of growth and that means the patient get enough time to seek the right treatment. Also, PanTum Detect test help to screen as many tumors as possible. If not screened yearly than a cancer can grow aggressively and treating a metastasizing cancer is difficult.

PanTum Detect Cancer Screening Test

97.5 % Sensitivity

Pantum Detect is higly sensitive test, out of 100 tumor patients, 97 are correctly identified as such by the blood test, indicating the extremely high accuracy of the test.

99.53 % Specificity

The chances of the test result indicating a false positive are negligible at 0.47 % or 1 in 200 only, indicating a higher reliability of the test.

PanTum Detect & its USPs:

  • A fast & convenient way of screening, just a blood test that takes minutes
  • It is risk free & not harmful at all, in comparison most other ways of screening involve exposure to radiation like having a Mammogram.
  • A universal cancer detection test that can detect over 50 solid tumour types.
  • Affordability and ease of administering the test which can further help in the high reach and penetration of the test, which is must in a nation like ours where healthcare, especially preventive healthcare is largely ignored.

Cancer, the word binds fear within it and the society is scared to even go for screenings for the fear of getting detected as positive. This approach or frame of mind is akin to closing one’s eyes, and wishing that the problem will just vanish on its own. On the other hand, if detected at early stage, there are high chances of successful treatment. Let’s adopt screenings as a part of our lifestyle and lead lives in a happier and more secure manner rather than in fear.

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