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Wellness Programs & Cancer Awareness: A Workplace Must

A large part of Indian population belongs to the working group aged from 18-65 years. Top of that, the Indian Government has launched Make in India campaign recently which aims to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub. This will create many employment opportunities in the private & public sector. However, the questions […]

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Health Screenings & Cancer in India: Another Growing Concern

In India, most of us have the tendency to ignore small symptoms or health irritants, not consulting an expert or going for a check and just discarding and ignoring them. For example, reduction in urination frequency and stream, and urinary retention are some of the early signs of prostate cancer, but most men ignore them. [...] Read More
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The 2 Most Common Cancers in Indian Men

India had an extremely high number; 1.16 million new cancer cases in the year 2018 as reported by WHO. it estimates that one in 10 Indians may get cancer in their lifetime and one in 15 will die of this life-threatening disease.  Reports also said that the two most common cancers found in Indian men [...] Read More
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The 2 Most Common Cancers in Indian Women

In 2018, 1.6 lakh new cases of breast cancer were reported in India. India stands at the third position in global counting of cancer cases. The two common types of cancers found in Indian women are breast cancer and cervical cancer. Cancer is a life-threatening disease but can be prevented if detected at an early [...] Read More
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The fight against Cancer has a new face!

Cancer, quivered among the race of human species, can be categorised as one of the most deadly disease ever to thwart any race. The world’s attempts to study the disease, understand it and eventually cure it have borne some fruit. The human race has come close in their fight against Cancer which can be termed [...] Read More
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Pantum Detect – The Revolutionary Cancer Detection Test

Early detection & diagnosis can help beat cancer as the right treatment at right time is key. Cancer screening tests are important as they provide the opportunity to detect a growing tumor or an anomaly before cancer grows into an advanced stage and it’s too late. In the case of local tumors, they can be [...] Read More