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About Us

Our Mission & Vision

“Our Mission is to incorporate exclusive molecular screening and cellular diagnostic procedures to improved-patient-care at affordable prices by many. By being the partner reference laboratory of choice for the clinicians, we assist a high-precision screening and accurate disease prognosis, through the most responsive and patient-oriented laboratory services in India, to envision a Cancer-Free nation”.

"We set out a coordinated and collaborative actionable strategy to control and prevent cancers by early detection and treatment. It is the first actionable cancer prevention plan for India and builds on our global success, with the aim of lessening the burden of cancer in India".

Our Values

"Consistent QUALITY and innovation with high emphasis on PROFESSIONALISM, confidentiality, integrity and above all forging STRONG NETWORKING RELATIONSHIPS of clinical experts in India".

Who are we?

We are a PIONEERING PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE services provider laboratory in India, engaged in bringing up innovative, cost effective and clinically relevant screening and disease diagnostic procedures through our unique alliance with Zyagnum AG, Germany, as technology development partners.

The technologies we launched in India particularly in the area of screening and early detection of cancers have become the standard of personal care in Indian healthcare industry.

Our CORE TEAM comprises of committed molecular and oncology scientists of global repute and highly acclaimed diagnostic clinical experts working in tandem with corporates pan India, to whom healthcare is a proven corporate “passion” behind quality human resource and industrial productivity.

We thus become a premier clinical diagnostics laboratory that supports niche clinical investigations as well as medical research with its esoteric and high-end advanced molecular diagnostic technologies in cancer screening and disease diagnostics. Primarily focused on delivering the most robust and the state-of-contemporary-care molecular assay procedures, our expertise and services are dynamically evolving in response to the advanced research in this specialty. We take this privilege to have given India the scientifically most acclaimed technology platforms through our associations with the scientific collaborators with the technology developers in the world.

Meet Our Directors

Mr. Andreas Klein

  • Over 20 years of experience in multi national companies and international business relations, Mr. Klein brings in an extensive network within Asia and the US.
  • Co-founder of HMZ Laboratories, bringing the German based diagnostic technology platform and the universal cancer screening test to India and to the sub-indian continent.
  • Together with the founding partners, the vision was developed to help India become a cancer free nation through affordable, early stage diagnostics and the progressive use of AI based analytics.
  • Mr. Klein is also engaged as advisor to the board of Zyagnum, the Germany biotech company and inventor of Pantum Detect.

Dr Gurdeep S Sethi

  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Understanding the need for quality cancer care in India Dr. Sethi moved back after spending 26 years in US; where he was Vice President of Operations and Senior Partner of Millennium Oncology, LLC and triple board certified in Medical Oncology, Hematology and Internal Medicine. In India, he set up a one stop comprehensive cancer care center focused on pro-patient immediate action, free of bureaucratic hurdles.

Mr Kunal Palta

  • Career banker advising UHNI families on how to deploy their surplus funds.
  • Currently heads the treasury deptt of Hero Cycles.
  • Due to his keenness to explore into new areas of growth, Hero has tasked him with the opportunity to spearhead HMZ from Hero’s side.
  • An MBA in Finance from IIF.

Meet Our Key Personnel

Dr Dinesh Gupta

Lab Director

  • Dr Dinesh Gupta is a technopreneur in healthcare committed to promote state-of-the-modern-care molecular cancer diagnostics. A molecular biochemist from IIT, Kharagpur, Dr Gupta is engaged with early detection and prevention of cervical cancer for nearly two decades. He launched HPV DNA, LBC and HPV mRNA testing in India.
  • Currently at CureHealth Diagnostics – a clinical reference laboratory for women’s health (lower genital infections and diseases), worked as Laboratory Director.